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Field of Cabbages on the Mountainside


As we we’re climbing up on a mountain, we passed by a field of cabbages. The farmers were still there taking off the weeds and most of them were women. We brought one huge cabbage head. The harvested crops will then be carried by a horse, the best and most fitted guy that can mount these vegetables crossing a terrain like this. It will then be picked up by a truck and  delivered to the city’s markets.


Green Onions in Containers

Green Onions
Green onions in used plastic bags.
Green onions in hanging plastic pots
Green onions in hanging plastic pots.

I wanted to show you my green onion plants. It’s one of the “must have spices” in our kitchen. And always an important spice for my noodle recipes. So, I planted just enough that will satisfy our needs.  I started out by planting  just a small part of the white stalk with roots which I bought from the supermarket. From then on, I am  no longer  spending money for green onions with the benefit of getting fresh produce.

When I needed some, I just cut  a part using scissors or knife, leaving the roots to grow back again.

Green onions in a plastic pot
Green onions in a plastic pot

I don’t  have a big space for gardening, We only have a small place. So most of my plants were planted in containers. I planted in used plastic bags, plastic pots, clay pots, or recycled containers.  I put strings on some of the light weight pots so I could hang them to keep them free from hoppers, slugs and snails.

These are my green onion plants.  🙂