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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

My entry for this week’s photo challenge: Extra, extra.

The innocent ones and the innocent once.
Kids in Sikaw, Tamayong.

The Faces of Innocents and the Innocent once

We met this family in the mountainous area of Tamayong.  We were passing by their home when a very hard rain caught us. The kind mother invited us to take a shelter inside their house. We took a nap for a little while but the rain lasted for several hours, giving us more time to bond with this family, especially the kids.  I wanted to capture the innocence in the faces of these kids  but Kevin just appeared quickly on the side. He’s not supposed to be in the picture but it made the shot more memorable.

We became friends with this  family and gave them a visit every time we climb that mountain. After a while, they abandoned their home. Some sort of tribal war happened on their land. A year after that incident, we  came back to that mountain and we met the kids on our way down. We visit them on their new home and it’s good to see them again, new place was really far though. 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

My entry for this week’s photo challenge: Room

Jumping Spider
Jumping spider finds shelter in a curled leaf.

My Neighbor’s Room

While I was watering my plants this morning I saw this little room made of curled ginger leaf.  I looked closely and there I saw my hairy little neighbor. She stands guard over her eggs covered with silk, sheltered and protected by this little round green room against too much heat, wetting, and predators.

Location: Toril/ Habitat: Garden/ Order: Araneae/ Common Name: Jumping Spider

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

My entry for this week’s photo challenge: Split-second story.

Physics Lab
Physics lab Activity

This photo was taken during our Physics lab activity on wavelength and focal. The lights were turned off  as part of the set up. My group was discussing about solution in solving the problems.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Training challenge at Epol
Training challenge at Epol

Cooking Over the River

This photo was taken a long time ago during our training course in mountaineering in the midst of Epol forest.  This was one of the training challenge where we had to set up fire for cooking rice with a twist.  We had to cooked it over the river and using resources that’s available only in the site. When it’s done, the training master will test the food. The rice should be perfectly cooked.  We passed this challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Bitter melon tendril
Bitter melon tendril


While roaming in my garden, I saw this bitter melon tendril beautifully hanging brightly against the light of a morning sun. Its thread-like structure and curls is a nature’s work of art. So I went back inside our house and grab a camera because this lovely thing deserves a shot.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

mt. Apo
Mt. Apo

On Top of the Mountain

Getting yourself on top of the mountain is like cleansing yourself from all the stress in life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Mt. Apo

Hello Sunny Boy!

Before the sun came up, we forced ourselves to get out from the comfort of our sleeping bag and tent, put on our head lamp, sip on some hot coffee,  and made a quick ascend (at about 15 to 20 minutes) to the summit of the mountain. it’s still dark when we reached the top. we sat down into the ground and silently waiting for the sun to rise.

So that’s it. Sunny boy came up, and we greeted him happily. I usually said my prayers during this wonderful moment and time.

After devouring ourselves with the Lord’s wonderful creation, we went back down to the campsite.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

traces of termites in an old book

Termites’ Trail  in an Old Book.

One afternoon at school.  My classmates and I  were trying to kill our  time at our favorite place to hangout inside the campus.  While sitting idly, my eyes were pinned on these carvings of  termites in an old book that was laid flat on the table.