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Damselfly 6: Coupling Damselflies

Damselfly 6
Mating Damselfly

At first I only saw the ¬†female partner on a tree near a river in the forest at around 2 pm, and then there’s two of them. ūüôā The male attached his claspers ¬†at his hind end to the neck of the female. And up they go after I took three shots, they fly away on a higher spot, they don’t like to be watched. I don’t know what species are these.

Male Damselfly


Location: Buda/ Suborder: Zygoptera

Damselfly 5: Wisps

Agriocnemis sp. ~femina femina
Agriocnemis sp. ~femina femina

Location: Samal Island/ Habitat: Freshwater marsh/Suborder: Anisoptera/ Family: Coenagrionidae/ Species: Agriocnemis sp. ~femina femina

Damselfly 4: Parasite Carrier Red Damselfly

CSC_0343 (2)_1

Damselfy with water mites on its abdomen
Damselfy with water mites on its abdomen

Sighted in  a vegetation of a swampy area near a lake between one to two in the afternoon. Hitching along with it on its flight, a tiny  orb-shaped passengers clinging on the ventral side of its abdomen.  These are odonate parasites or water mites feeding on them while having a free ride and carry them on their new habitat, a new place for the parasites to propagate. Nature is truly amazing how these little odonate creatures were parasitize with  mites. So,  Damselflies and dragonflies were not only a good indicator of the ecological integrity but a disperser of these parasitic organism as well. 

Location: Samal Island/ Suborder: Zygoptera/ Species: ?

Damselfly 3: Common Bluetail Damselfly

CSC_0292 (6)_1
Ischnura senegalensis

This is a highly common species but not in intact forest areas. Spotted in a vegetated area along the shoreline of a lake  in the middle of coconut and mango plantation. The still and slow flowing water ecosystem was brownish in color and residents nearby propagate oyster on this lake. Thus, this species tolerates disturbances in its ecosystem.

Location: Samal Island/ Suborder: Zygoptera/ Family: Coenagrionidea/ Species: Ischnura senegalensis

Damselfly 2

CSC_0420 (2)_1

Sighted in the lake shoreline vegetation between ten to eleven in the morning.

Location: Samal Island/ Species: ?

Damselfly 1: The Mating Wheel

CSC_0470 (6)_
Drepanosticta mating wheel
Male Drepanosticta

Spotted four of them a few meters away above the river between three to four in the afternoon.

Location: Samal Island/ Species: Drepanosticta sp.