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Butterfly 5: Great Eggfly

Great Eggfly Butterfly
A male Hypolimnas bolina, also called as blue moon butterfly.

Spotted this butterfly late afternoon, hanging upside down and flipping its beautiful wings.

Great Eggfly Butterfly

I took a picture of him earlier hopping around my Lantana camara plant.I always see this butterfly on that plant, he loves it. Look how lovely his wings are on the video below.

Location: Toril/ Habitat: Garden/ Family: Nymphalidae/ Species: Hypolimnas bolina

Ninja Turtle Is In The House?

IMG_20140708_140146 4
Lime swallowtail caterpillar

No, he’s not one of the ninja turtles. It’s a caterpillar, eating on a lime leaf. ¬†ūüôā

It will soon become a  lime swallowtail butterfly. It has no tail unlike most swallowtail butterflies.

Papilio demoleus
Papilio demoleus caterpillar.

The caterpillar’s length was about four to five centimeter and it consumed a lot of lime leaves. The poop was rounded and black.

Location: Toril/ Habitat: Garden/ Family: Papilionidae/ Species: Papilio demoleus

Butterfly 4: Lesser Grass Blue

Lesser Grass Blue Butterfly (Zizina otis)

This small butterfly ( Zizina otis) was flying low around the grasses after the rain stopped. A species of  family Lycaenidae, the second largest family of butterflies. I saw this as I was passing through a grassland going to a waterfalls, about one to two kilometers away.

What are you doing back there lady?

This one was like looking back at me while I was crawling towards its back.  And he just let me do my thing.

Location: Samal Island/ Family: Lycaenidae/ Species: Zizina otis

Moth: Oleander Hawk Moth

Daphnis nerri
Oleander hawk moth (Daphnis nerii)

Meet my garden’s newest guest. I was fascinated by this ¬†large and beautiful creature. I found it one afternoon in the yard. I was so happy that i was able to invite new lepidopteran species in my area. It inspires me to plant more varieties of plants to attract more moths, butterflies, bees, and birds.. So glad!

Daphnis nerri
Daphnis nerii


Location: Toril/ Habitat: Garden/ Family: Sphingidae/ Species: Daphnis nerii

Butterfly 3



 Location: South Cotabato/ Family: Lycaenidae/ Species:?

Butterfly 2: Udara

Udara camenae filipina


 Location: South Cotabato/ Family:Lycaenidae/ Subfamily: Polyommatinnae/ Ssp: Udara camenae filipina 

Butterfly 1: Hedge Blue

Celastrina algernoni algernoni


 Location: South Cotabato/ Family: Lycaenidae/ Subfamily: Polyommatinae/ Ssp:  Celastrina algernoni algernoni