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Fern 10: Gelatinous fiddleheads

Gelatinous Fern Fiddlehead

This furled frond of a young fern had a gelatinous substance covering the entire rachis  or the midrib of frond.

Gelatinous Fern Fiddlehead

Some parts of it were insects trapped in the slime.  It made me think that the mucous covering  will served as its protection from the insects that feed on its sap.

Gelatinous Fern Fiddlehead

And maybe, these ferns were sharing the same habitat together with insects that feed on young ferns. Well, just a thought.

Location: Buda/ Habitat: Forest/ Division: Pteridophyta

Fern 8: Fiddleheads

Fern Fiddlehead
Fern’s fiddlehead

Fern FiddleheadThe sun was up already as I was walking on a damp and mossy trail not far away from the campsite one morning, I stumbled on to this beautiful fern’s fiddlehead.

Fern Fiddlehead

Fern's FiddleheadThe furled fronds of a young fern and its sori arrangement always get my attention. I find it amazing how they differ in look, structure and sizes. I even created  a little fernery in our yard.  Ferns help in cleansing the air. Ferns

When the fiddlehead  unfurl this is what it will become.


Location: South Cotabato/ Division: Pteridophytes