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Filling The Empty Shell

Truly what’s done cannot be undone.

But it doesn’t stop me to move on

Like an empty shell that has been filled.

Life is filled with moments.

Fate will demand to let go a dear one

 It will break me but I must walk the walk.

It’s not the end of my  story yet

It’s just that their part of my story has come to an end. 

Say goodbye to what’s lost

And appreciate what is still there.

Look forward to what’s coming next.

In every end comes a new beginning.

Live life. 

” A trash like the empty shell can still be meaningful. It’s impossible to put the egg yolk back inside the shell. Same with people, we must not let this emptiness to us  drag us down and becomes rotten. and decompose without fighting. Who knows that this thrown out empty shell can still have its use and be meaningful? Same with us, there are times which we may think that we reached the end of the line, but there’s always a way if we hold on. God will make a way when there’s seems to be no way. Be happy. It’s great to be alive!”

Empty Shell

empty shell

A part of me is missing.

Deep within me is hurting.

Trying hard to fill the hallow me.

Hoping that I could fix the broken me.

I keep on trying,

But ended crying.

Can somebody help me?

Help me find the missing piece of me.

But I guess what’s done,

Cannot be undone.

An empty shell is what I am.