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Special Day

I got a message from my sister, greeting me a happy birthday. I could picture her waiting for the hands of time to point at 12 midnight to greet me, she’s really sweet. My family is usually like this, like having a contest on whose going to be the first one to say the line ” happy birthday” . It ‘s been two hours from the dot of my natal day. I know that this day is going to be a special and a happy day for me and my family. It’s  been talked about lately on how and where to celebrate my birthday.  It will happen in my parents’ place, Panabo City. It will take us one to two hours to travel from our home to my parents home, traffic is a factor here. Actually,  it’s a triple-celebration for me, my sister and her hubby’s birthday. Our birthdays fall on the same month of August so we decided to make it a joint celebration, to lessen the hustle of travelling and compromising our work schedules. My family usually celebrates birthday and we celebrate it together. I have to sleep for now and let’s see what will happen  in a couple of hours.

The sun is up and my feet are kicking to go to my parents house. It’s still early in the morning when I got there. Everybody’s helping out on the food preparation.

My family loves to sing.

We did a movie marathon and singing along with a videoke. These were my youngest sister, mother and brother.

We spent a long time in the dining table talking about our family. And planning an  out-of-town getaway  to our father’s province this coming December.

On the next morning we went to our sister’s house. We ate some chips and marshmallows while watching movie again.

While my brother was helping his way to the bedroom and played computer games.

And this is me and my sister who is one year younger than me, chatting. And then we went back to our parents house for lunch.

The day was such a really nice family affair. The joy of being reunited again. Our next family gathering is on my father’s birthday and that’s going to be this  September.