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Bitter Melon in My Yard Garden

Bitter Melon/ Ampalaya Plant
Bitter melon

Bitter Melon/ Ampalaya Plant

Bitter Melon/ Ampalaya Plant
Bitter melon flower

Bitter melon or popularly known as ampalaya in the Philippines tasted bitter. Hehe ūüôā Seriously now… ¬†I love it, it’s one of my favorite vegetable and it’s really good with omelette . Others, especially the kids don’t like the bitter taste of it, so after chopping, the mother ¬†will squeezed it with salt to extract and remove the bitterness. I like it ¬†bitter where nutrients are not drained out. I tried it eaten raw, chopped with a dash of salt.¬†This would also make a perfect blend for sinuglaw, a recipe of mixed grilled meat and fresh raw fish cured in vinegar, lemon and spices. The young shoots were also good for cooking, even the leaves, I can add it with any dishes, but not too much because it will overpower the taste of your recipe.

Bitter Melon/ Ampalaya Plant
Flower turning to fruit
Bitter Melon/ Ampalaya
Sliced bitter melon

Planting this tropical climbing vine them does not need any major preparations. I just used the seeds taken out from the bitter melon which I bought from the local supermarket. I sow the seeds on the spot where I wanted them to grow. The ones that grow at the back of our house turned yellowish in color and not looking healthy maybe because the area was too hot for them. 

My bitter melon plant keep on producing ¬†fruit and my neighbors were also enjoying it. In just one seed there’s a lot of fruit to harvest. It’s worth to be planted in the yard.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Bitter melon tendril
Bitter melon tendril


While roaming in my garden, I saw this bitter melon tendril beautifully hanging brightly against the light of a morning sun. Its thread-like structure and curls is a nature’s work of art. So I went back inside our house and grab a camera because this lovely thing deserves a shot.