Land snail

Land snail
Land Snail

The shell was empty when I found this in the forest and I don’t know the name of the snail. Its color was interesting and new to me so I snapped a picture of it before I went on.

Location: Buda/ Phylum: Mollusca/ Class: Gastropoda


Fungus 8: Ascomycetous Fungi

Close-up view of Xylaria, ascomycetous fungi.

A fungi with twisted branching fruiting bodies, color black at the base and powdered grayish-white color towards the middle going to the top. It looks like a burnt twig covered with ash powder on its body. If you look closely, you can see  powdered substance  spreading out at its base.

Ascomycetous fungi
Dr. Medina, examining fungus.

We found this fungus growing on a rotten wood covered with mosses and leaf litters.



Location: Buda/ Phylum: Ascomycota/ Species: Xylaria sp.


Fungus 7: Candle-Snuff Fungus

Xylaria sp.
Xylaria sp.

Found in a rotten wood growing through the mosses. These fungi were small and erect. Appeared in masses and noticeable because of their contrasting black and white color.

Candle-Snuff Fungus

The color of the base is black, powdery gray towards the middle and color white at the tip.

Candle -Snuff Fungus

The fruiting bodies of this batch were not branching out,  with single spike only.

Location: Buda/ Division: Ascomycota/ Family: Xylariaceae/ Species: Xylaria sp.

Ninja Turtle Is In The House?

IMG_20140708_140146 4
Lime swallowtail caterpillar

No, he’s not one of the ninja turtles. It’s a caterpillar, eating on a lime leaf.  🙂

It will soon become a  lime swallowtail butterfly. It has no tail unlike most swallowtail butterflies.

Papilio demoleus
Papilio demoleus caterpillar.

The caterpillar’s length was about four to five centimeter and it consumed a lot of lime leaves. The poop was rounded and black.

Location: Toril/ Habitat: Garden/ Family: Papilionidae/ Species: Papilio demoleus

Growing Mung Beans

I decided to plant mung beans or commonly known in my country as Mongo beans out of curiosity. I wanted to see what and how they will turned out as they mature as plants. I only see them as seeds and sprouts. I was thinking that maybe planting mung beans will be just an easy task because I remember myself sprouting these seeds when I was still in grade school but I really never get the chance to see them full-grown.

Mung beans are nutritious and rich in protein. We can have them  at a low price and a cup of these beans can feed the family. Both the seeds and sprouts are commonly served in a variety of  Filipino dishes. Makes a good dessert too, like Halo-halo.

I remember when I still lived with my parents, before my mother will add the cooked beans to her recipe, she will saved some for me in a bowl. When it cooled down, I will add crushed ice, powdered milk and brown sugar or sweetened milk if there’s no powdered milk available, but I liked it more with powdered milk. 🙂

Flowers turning to seed pods.
Flowers turning to seed pods.

Okay, back to my plant. I soaked the seeds in water until it germinated before sowing it out in the prepared bed at the backyard, where it can get a full sun. And I was right with the thought that they were easy to take care of.

Mung Bean Plant
Some pods changed to color black first

The seed pods were hairy and becomes hardy and brittle as it matures.

Mung Bean Plant
I think they’re healthy.
Mung Bean Plant
Vigna sp. Member of legume family (Fabaceae)

They changed in color from green, turned to darker color, then to complete black. I had to tie them for support as they tend stoop down.  The black ones can be harvested and the shell  gets drier and brittle as it matures. You don’t want the seeds to explode and shattered on the ground. I placed the pods in a metal pan, and had it sun-dried, to remove the excess moisture.

Mung Bean Plant
The mature seed pods.

After drying I stored the beans in the jar, I was so happy with the experience, seeing this plants grow and being able to harvest them.

Mt. Apo: Pluto Trail- Jump Off to Camp 1

The road to Pluto.
The road to Pluto.

Pluto trail was accessed via municipality of Bansalan, Davao del Sur for two hours from Davao City. When we were there, we took another hour of a motorcycle ride, then a long hike on the road. This was the first time that I brought my younger sister Prescilla with me. I used to take Moondays with me, the other younger sister of mine. We were all eight on this journey.  Leo also came with Sir Denz, his boss. As we were hiking, I enjoyed watching over those field of healthy green peas and green onions.  Some peas were getting out on the road that I really wanted to snatched one of them. 🙂 At the end of the road we met Sir Denz’s porter named Blah’. I really like this guy, he’s full of energy and stories, one of the best porter I’ve known.

Vertical Farm

We spent half of the day trekking in an open trail of hills and farms. The heat was exhausting.

That's Blah' over there telling us that we should go over that watery cliff.
That’s Blah’ over there telling us that we should go over that watery cliff.
The carrot crunchers

Another field of carrots was on our sight and the generous farmer gave us plenty of his nice carrots, I think I added two kilo of it in my pack. Ha ha!. Yeah, I know that the extra weight will drag me down but I couldn’t say no to it and we were really enjoying munching those carrots while hiking over the hills 🙂

Carrot break
Carrot break

Moving on, we journeyed through a seemingly like an unending open trail of hills, from scorching heat of the sun to the foggy and grassy slope. This is Pluto trail, one of the entry point of the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo.

At around two o’ clock in the afternoon, we almost set an emergency camp in the hills, my sister was fainting and perspiring cold sweats . We stopped and after a long rest, her body regains strength and good to go. We pushed through because the hill was not a good site to camp.

There’s no water for cooking, it was very open and exposed to cold wind.

Some more carrots..

Moving forward, we passed the forest line and hit the first camp before dark. The sleep was uncomfortable because of the sun burnt neck, it hurts.

The next morning, I still had plenty of carrots. hehe. Even I and my sister had already eaten a lot of these carrots along the way, there’s still more left.

Camp 1
Camp 1

Everybody’s preparing to leave the camp and go for the summit.

Moth 2: Hawk Moth

Hawk Moth
Hawk moth: Eupanacra elegantulus

Found this moderate size hawk moth clinging in my sack bag while I was crossing the river. It just stayed there no matter how I moved the bag. Maybe It’s tired and just wanted to hitch a ride, or maybe it just wanted to be photographed.

Hawk Moth
Lateral view of Eupanacra elegantulus

When I was leaving the water I checked him out and he’s already gone.


 Location: Buda/ Habitat: Forest/ Family: Sphingidea/ Subfamily: Macroglossinae/ Species: Eupanacra elegantulus

ID by: Leana Lahom-Cristobal

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