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Fungus 9: Jelly Fungus

Jelly Fungus
Dacryopinax sp.

These brightly colored yellow to orange fungi came out on the cracks and crevices of a dead wood.

Jelly Fungus
Flattens upward

The fruiting bodies  started out as a single rounded stalk then as it gets older, it flattens towards the upper part.

Jelly Fungus

Forming a shape of a spatula and widens up more, making it look like a fan. It grows in clusters or  in rows. Some will branched out.

Jelly Fungus
Growing in cluster

They are soft, bouncy and rubbery if touched. When expose to sun, they dried out and shrink

Jelly Fungus
When exposed to sun

They became hardy and changed to reddish-orange in color, but after heavy rains, they turned back to their gelatinous appearance again.

Jelly Fungus


Location: Toril/ Habitat: Dead woods/ Phylum: Basidiomycota/ Order: Dacrymycetales/ Family: Dacrymycetaceae/ Species: Dacryopinax sp. ~spathularia

Fungus 8: Ascomycetous Fungi

Close-up view of Xylaria, ascomycetous fungi.

A fungi with twisted branching fruiting bodies, color black at the base and powdered grayish-white color towards the middle going to the top. It looks like a burnt twig covered with ash powder on its body. If you look closely, you can see  powdered substance  spreading out at its base.

Ascomycetous fungi
Dr. Medina, examining fungus.

We found this fungus growing on a rotten wood covered with mosses and leaf litters.



Location: Buda/ Phylum: Ascomycota/ Species: Xylaria sp.


Fungus 7: Candle-Snuff Fungus

Xylaria sp.
Xylaria sp.

Found in a rotten wood growing through the mosses. These fungi were small and erect. Appeared in masses and noticeable because of their contrasting black and white color.

Candle-Snuff Fungus

The color of the base is black, powdery gray towards the middle and color white at the tip.

Candle -Snuff Fungus

The fruiting bodies of this batch were not branching out,  with single spike only.

Location: Buda/ Division: Ascomycota/ Family: Xylariaceae/ Species: Xylaria sp.

Fungus 6: Mushroom With Orange Brown Dust

White Mushroom

Found this small, white mushroom growing on top of the soil and decomposing leaf litters in the forest.

It has an orange to brown colored dust on top of its cap.


Location: Buda

Fungus 5: Tiny Mushroom Exposing Its Gills

Tiny mushroom exposing gills

In the forest I found this lone tiny mushroom making its way through the mosses. Its cap was folded upward  exposing the gills.

Tiny Mushroom

 Location: Buda

Fungus 4: Bracket Fungus

Bracket Fungus
Bracket Fungus

This lone shelf fungi was found in a fallen tree.

Bracket Fungus


Location: Buda/ Habitat: Forest/ Phylum: Basidiomycota

Fungus 3: Turkey Tail Fungus

Turkey Tail Fungus

A common bracket fungus where its cap were forming the shape of a  cup. It grows in a decaying branch of a tree.

Turkey Tail Fungus

 Location: Buda/ Phylum: Basidiomycota/ Class: Agaricomycetes