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Polydesmid Millipede

Ventral view of Polydesmid Millipede
Orthomorpha sp.

This polydesmid millipede was burrowing its way through the space between the ground and the log.

Polydesmid Millipede
Body segments of Orthomorpha

It has two pairs of legs per body segment. The legs are banded with color brown, white and orange with  a brightly colored rustic brown to yellow paranota. It can also crawl upside down.

Polydesmid Millipede
Orthomorpha dorsal view


Location: Buda/ Class: Diplopoda/ Order: Polydesmida/ Species: Orthomorpha sp.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

My entry for this week’s photo challenge: Room

Jumping Spider
Jumping spider finds shelter in a curled leaf.

My Neighbor’s Room

While I was watering my plants this morning I saw this little room made of curled ginger leaf.  I looked closely and there I saw my hairy little neighbor. She stands guard over her eggs covered with silk, sheltered and protected by this little round green room against too much heat, wetting, and predators.

Location: Toril/ Habitat: Garden/ Order: Araneae/ Common Name: Jumping Spider

Spiny Orb-Weaver Spider

Spiny Orb Spider

Spiny Orb Spider

  Location: Samal Island/ Order: Araneae/ Species: Gasteracantha sp.