Field of Cabbages on the Mountainside


As we we’re climbing up on a mountain, we passed by a field of cabbages. The farmers were still there taking off the weeds and most of them were women. We brought one huge cabbage head. The harvested crops will then be carried by a horse, the best and most fitted guy that can mount these vegetables crossing a terrain like this. It will then be picked up by a truck and  delivered to the city’s markets.

4 thoughts on “Field of Cabbages on the Mountainside”

  1. Loty, that is great. I grow seven varieties of cabbages because they are such a versatile vegetable and greatly underrated in Britain. To see a field of them on a mountainside on the other side of the world has brought a smile to my face.
    Cheers, Alen

    1. Hi Alen,
      Wow, seven varieties! That’s like a collection of cabbages.. 🙂 These are perfect crops to grow in cold places and you can do a lot of stuffs with them. The farmers’ houses were far away from where they planted their cabbages so they don’t have to visit it everyday.
      I’m glad that I made you smile. 🙂

  2. Wow! Beautiful! I am growing Cour de Bue cabbage this year (seed from Baker Creek Heirlooms). I’m impatiently awaiting to see how it turns out, it’s supposed to be teardrop shaped!

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