Fruit Bats

Fruit Bat

Meet this fruit bat that lives in the forest of Buda.  Fruit bats play an important role as seed pollinator and disperser in the forest ecosystem.  Thus, they aid in maintaining the stability of the forest’s flora. Stable Flora = stable Fauna = balanced ecosystem. If butterflies, birds and some birds do their job at daytime, well, they worked on a night shift.  Sadly, some species of fruit bats were considered endangered already. Also, bats  were misunderstood and feared because of  their looks.

Fruit Bat
Fruit bat hanging upside down on a fig branch.

Figs from the genus Ficus were also seen thriving in this forest. These are wildlife’s highly important food resource. Their fruits are one of the favorites of fruit bats.



Location: Buda/ Order: Chiroptera/ Class: Mammalia/ Family: Pteropodidae/ species:?


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