Fern 8: Fiddleheads

Fern Fiddlehead
Fern’s fiddlehead

Fern FiddleheadThe sun was up already as I was walking on a damp and mossy trail not far away from the campsite one morning, I stumbled on to this beautiful fern’s fiddlehead.

Fern Fiddlehead

Fern's FiddleheadThe furled fronds of a young fern and its sori arrangement always get my attention. I find it amazing how they differ in look, structure and sizes. I even created  a little fernery in our yard.  Ferns help in cleansing the air. Ferns

When the fiddlehead  unfurl this is what it will become.


Location: South Cotabato/ Division: Pteridophytes

4 thoughts on “Fern 8: Fiddleheads”

  1. I like that a great deal because ever since I was a child I have seen ferns in their various stages of develoment but never looked closely or thought about them in any depth. It’s good that you are interested because you have given me an insight into something I would never have examined myself. We live in a wonderful and intriguing world.
    All the best, Alen

    1. Hi Alen,
      Thanks! I wonder how awesome and beautiful ferns could be in your place and with the climate that you have. We have a hot climate here, so, I only get to see some other kinds of ferns with their lovely fiddleheads and spores arrangement when I’m in the mountains because it’s cold and moist up there.

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