Tomatoes: A Gift from Nature


I was really having a hard time growing tomatoes in my garden. I sowed the seeds, eventually, it sprouted and developed into a young plant. I felt happy and satisfied seeing that it did well. I watched over it everyday.  But when its flowers were starting to bloom, That’s  the time when   the real challenge took place. Aphids were attacking my plant. I tried searching for solutions in Google and followed the suggestions. I tried the water and soap solution, garlic solution, chili solution, and oil solution. I planted marigold as a companion plant for my tomatoes and tried it with mint and basil. I kept planting over and over again. I planted them in containers and even made  a raised bed for my precious tomatoes.  I was able to plant on the four sides of our yard. But all my attempts  ended with failure.

Then at long last I got tired and stopped…. hehe 🙂

I came to a point of accepting that planting tomatoes was really not for me.

After a long while, I started planting again hoping that  I will make it.  And I gained same result. It’s a hands up for me.


One day, I noticed a tomato plant growing in our yard, but I just ignored it, thinking that it will not survive. It keeps on growing and its  flowers bloom. So, I inspected it and was amazed that it’s clean. No aphids!  I cultivated the soil around it and  installed a support for the plant. It continually grow and bear fruits. Lots of tomatoes in just one plant that I was able to share with my neighbors. This is a gift from nature. Thank you for letting me experience the joy of having this plant.

One thought on “Tomatoes: A Gift from Nature”

  1. Hi Loty. That’s a good story. Perhaps you were trying too hard. I was going to suggest the soapy water but I see you’ve been down that road.
    Cheers, Alen

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