The Sleeping Dinosaur

The Sleeping Dinosaur

This beautiful scenery called “The Sleeping Dinosaur” will greet you along the way as you’re heading to the city proper of Mati, Davao Oriental and coming from Davao City. As the name implies it looked like a dinosaur sleeping in the sea, with some parts of its body slightly immersed in the water. This one is worth stopping by and be grateful on how our Almighty God created the nature. And oh! Don’t forget to take camera with you.

45 thoughts on “The Sleeping Dinosaur”

  1. Nice friendly sleeping dinosaur!
    I didn’t know this part. Is it really called “The sleeping Dinosaur?”

    Mukhang masarap maligo dyan ah!
    Malinaw, malinis, at tahimik ang tubig!

  2. Beatuiful pic. This is the second time I’ve heard of Gods constructing the shape of an earthling in the earth. The first one I came across is the sleeping Indian girl La India Dormida on the top of a mountain in El Valle, Panama. There’s a local belief that the Gods formed her figure after she fell from the high mountains, and that one day she’ll wake up. Now, I think that there must be more of this earthling shaped earth in more places than just Panama and the Phillipines. 🙂

      1. It’s a mountain range actually. And the spot where I took the shot is just near the road access, we’re going somewhere else that time travelling on a twisted road and being on top, we saw this wonderful scene so we stopped by and enjoy the beauty… 🙂

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