A Serenade for our Beloved Father

Our first attempt to serenade our father last year was a failure because we never managed to finish the song. We’re just able to sing the first line of the song and after it, we exploded into laughter. Then we repeated from the start again. But then, again, we’re only up to the first line of the song because we burst into laughter again.  It’s really hard to sing early in the morning because our voices sounded weird, funny and out of tune. Actually, we followed this tradition from my mother’s family line. Wherein, members of the family will offer a song to our dear grandmother at the dawn of her birthday and my mother’s family is a big family. But now that our grandmother was already in heaven, we opt to continue doing this to our parents. We are a family of  four siblings plus two more members, and that is my husband and my sister’s hubby.

Now, our father’s natal day has come again and we’re on our way to our second attempt to serenade our beloved father and aimed to execute and finished it right.  We came to our parent’s house in perfect timing, wherein the sun hasn’t yet awakened.

We positioned outside their bedroom window and thankful that our dogs seemed to cooperate too because they were behaving and not making any noise.

We lit the candles and ready our song lyric copies with a super big smile. And here we go. We have to start. Singing the first line and hearing that our voices sounded funny and out of tuned again, I saw their faces controlling their emotions not to burst into laughter again. At the back of my mind, “Oh no, this can’t happen again! I must control myself not to laugh and must focus to continue the song. “But I really can’t help myself so I wasn’t able to sing with them on the four times of repeating the song. We paused for a while, concentrate, and for the fifth time, we overcome it and continued singing until we finished it at last. Wow, I felt so relieved and glad that we did it. After the singing, our father said his testimony and appreciation. He was really happy and surprised because he doesn’t have any idea that we will serenade him on his birthday. Then we get inside the house, sit at the dining table and have a family chit-chat while having some coffee and steamed banana. Our home was filled with laughter and happiness as we welcomed the day when our dear father was born. Thank you Lord for giving us a father like him.

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